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Degree Programs

The Department of Music offers degrees in Music and Music Education at the Undergraduate level and the Master of Music at the Graduate level.


Music Education majors choose between several options which prepare them for teaching music in the schools.  These degrees prepare students to teach bands, choirs, orchestras, as well as general and elementary music.

The Bachelor of Music degree prepares students for careers or further graduate study as a professional musician. Students take courses in music theory, musicology, applied study, and ensembles. Students must choose from three concentrations.

  • Concentration in Performance. Students must exhibit a high level of performance ability on their instrument or voice, and are expected to perform a full hour-long recital as the culmination of the degree.  This degree requires study in pedagogy, literature, and foreign languages.
  • Concentration in Sacred Music.  Students who are interested in music ministry can elect to further their studies with a focus on keyboard skills, conducting, church administration, and hymnody. This degree also requires an hour-long recital either as a performer or conductor, as well as a semester-long practicum of working with an area church, synagogue, or temple music ministry.
  • Concentration in Music Business.  This degree is designed for students interested in music marketing, arts administration, or music production.  Coursework includes collaboration with our School of Business for accounting, marketing, and business law.  Students can elect to take special topics courses in studio production, sound mixing, concert promotion, ProTools, legal issues in the music business, and others.  This degree requires a half-recital minimum, and also a semester-long internship in a music business or non-profit organization.


The master of music degree offers two concentrations to further prepare students for careers as educators and performers. Students choose an area of interest and apply for admission to be accepted into one of the concentration areas: Music Education or Performance. Graduate students have the opportunity to work closely with the graduate faculty with expertise in their area of specialization. The many fine ensembles provide students abundant performing opportunities.

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