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Degree Programs

The B.F.A. Degree plan lists the courses needed and when they are offered. For Graphic Design and Interdisciplinary Design Concentrations, see the first document . For Studio and Crafts concentrations, see the second document.

B.F.A. Design Degree Plans
B.F.A. Studio and Crafts Degree Plans

In order to be an art major, the student must go through a portfolio review, take the first three art core classes (ART 1010, ART 1060 and ART 1150) and pass a faculty review. The portfolio consists of either a collection of ten digital images or portfolio of ten physical works.

The Master of Arts degree is an on-campus or a low residency online program. The on-campus version allows the student to interact with faculty and facilities. There are also Graduate Assistantships and personal studios available. The online version allows the student to work from home. Most classes are available online, however the student is required to attend two three-week summer sessions or one semester at the beginning of their degree. The student will get to know the faculty and facilities which will foster a more personal online learning experience. At the end of the degree, the student will return to campus to set up an art exhibit.

Applying for Graduate School

To apply to the graduate school, go to their website,, and follow the guidelines listed on the left-hand menu.

To apply for the Master of Arts degree please submit a portfolio, letter of intent, and artist statement on or before March 15th for Fall semester and October 15th for the Spring semester. The portfolio should contain no less than twenty quality digital images (.jpeg or .pdf) that demonstrate technical mastery, intellectual and artistic maturity, as well as the capacity to develop an idea through a series of work. Applicants should include a series of most recent work that indicates their current artistic direction. A written statement should accompany the portfolio, summarizing relevant issues in the current work and providing a sense of the direction the work might take during graduate study. Applicants should also include an image list that provides the title, date completed, medium and size of each image in the portfolio.

Graduate Student Checklist

Interested in being part of our online Master of Arts in Art degree program? Here is some information on how to apply, how to find temporary housing for your summer residency and other pertinent information.

Start at the Graduate School site where you can apply online for admission to the University Graduate School. There are many useful links on the left-hand side of the home page.

To apply for the Master of Arts in Art, you need the following:

-transcripts from an undergraduate art degree

-20 jpeg or pdf images of your work either on CD, or a link to your website

-the ability to attend a required three week residency the summer before you begin

-the ability to come and set up your final exhibit at the end of your degree

Campus Housing will help you find housing at a very reasonable rate for your summer residency.

Financial Aid is available for summer sessions if you take 6 or more credits (two or more summer courses).

Information for current students

When registering for classes, to receive the out-of-state waiver, please only register for classes with section numbers ending in “I”. That means it’s an online class.

Guidelines for Creative Research Papers  — Please remember to follow the “Creative Research Paper” format for your paper. On the templates, where it asks for “Theisis” or “Paper-in-leiu-of Thesis”, please put “Creative Research”.